Tensor Chess – Coming Soon

The great new innovation, Tensor Chess, has been highly praised by many eminent chess players.


Anatoly Karpov: “… intensively engages the mind and is very exciting. Tensor Chess… should achieve an honored status among intellectual games.”Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov

Alexander Khalifman: “The game is a dramatic extension of traditional chess… I have never seen anything like it. Tensor Chess is a marvelous game offering sensational opportunities.”       

What do these great players see in Tensor Chess?

A new piece, the Beast, augments the powers of the traditional pieces. It can instantly put another piece in a different place on the board, a place it could not otherwise reach.



As you can see, the ricochet enables pieces to quickly move to squares they could not reach in traditional chess.

The android application comes with state of the art Artificial Intelligence. Play a friend, play the AI, solve puzzles, get rewarded.

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