Next Gen AI, with 8 Distinct Game modes and a Cloud Based Analytical Power Plant combined with Dazzling HD graphics and wrapped up in an Achievemtns Bow makes for a very Rewarding Experience and the ultimate challenge in abstract strategy gaming.


Tensor Chess offers users multiple ways to experience the game without pressure with Features such as the Undo Functionality, Hint Mode, Save Feature, Two-Tap User Input and of course PGN Export for analysis.


Undo Feature – Feel unsure about your last move, or worse, realize it spells trouble?  In Tensor Chess, the end is not always the end – Undo your last move and come back fighting.


Hint Mode – Stuck? No problem, ask the Tensor Core for a hint.  Tensor Chess offers users the option to ask for unlimited hints during game play, as well offers as multiple solutions for puzzles for the ultimate in game analytics.


The Ultimate in replayability.  No time to finish a great match?   Tensor Chess offers users the option to save their games.   Think you’ve mastered a maneuver?  Save your game and replay it on the next level.


Two-Tap User Input – Tensor Chess has a unique two tap system to assure precision and accuracy during all games especially live matches.  No more “OOPS, I pressed the wrong button”.


Demonstrate your skill, improve your game play, and progress with Tensor Chess Achievements.


In Tensor Chess Gameplay is Rewarded!


Tensor Chess Game Achievements

Earn achievement awards while getting better!