January 9, 2017

Quick Guide

In Tensor chess all of the traditional pieces have expanded powers. In addition there is a new type of piece called the Tensor Beast.

Tensor Chess Rules

The Beast

The Beast

Beast Capture

Beast Capture Final

Orthogonal Leaping

Diagonal Leaping


A beast can move one square in any direction or leap over other pieces of either color, diagonally or along ranks and files.

A beast cannot be captured except by an opposing beast and cannot capture any other type of piece.

A beast captures an opposing beast by leaping over it, not by displacement. This differs from capture by other types of pieces.


A player cannot ricochet and propel on the same turn.

To propel, select the piece, then the beast, then the square (3 taps).

To ricochet select the piece and then the square to which you want it to go (2 taps).



When ricocheting, a bishop, rook or queen moves to a square occupied  by a beast of the same color and then moves off at a right angle.  When a knight ricochets, it comes to the square occupied by a beast of the same color, and then makes a further knight move,

Kings and pawns cannot ricochet.

A beast cannot ricochet off of a beast.

Only one ricochet per turn is allowed.

A piece cannot ricochet and return to the same square on the same turn.

To ricochet, select the piece, then select the square to which you would like to ricochet the pieces (2 taps)



In the Propelling maneuver, a piece comes to a square occupied by a beast of the same color and occupies that square while the beast moves away in the manner that the other pieces move.

A king cannot propel.

A beast cannot propel another beast.

A pawn can propel, but only one square forward and only on its first turn,

A player can propel only once per turn.


A pass through maneuver allows a piece to move through (or over) a beast of the same color.

A king can pass through only when castling.

A pawn can pass through only on the pawn’s first move and only when moving starting forward to an uncoupled square.

A beast may pass through a beast of the same color when propelled.