April 17, 2017

Our Story

The Inventor and how the Game was conceived.


The Concept

After graduating from University with a Master’s Degree, the inventor of Tensor Chess worked in the health insurance industry for several decades, then retired. He had fond memories of learning chess from his father and grandfather, and wanted to invent a variation that would be worthy of the classic game. Ideas percolated in his mind over a period of time, leading to a slightly larger board and a new type of piece that acts as a catalyst and coordinator for the other pieces.

The Prototype

When the prototype was showed to others, it aroused great interest and enthusiasm, in players ranging from children to Grandmasters. 

The inventor realized that the game must be brought to life in Russia, the country with the greatest chess heritage. He is grateful for the generosity and hospitality of the people he has met in Russia, and is in awe of the Grandmasters he has met. 


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The Grandmasters

Tensor Chess has an unprecedented level of enthusiastic support from chess elite: 5 former World Champions, 5 Russian National Champions, 4 US National Champions, and over 30 Grandmasters. 

Very special thanks are due to Russian Grandmasters Gennady Nesis and Alexander Khalifman, who have supported and promoted Tensor Chess. Grandmaster Khalifman demonstrated Tensor Chess during the 2016 World Chess Championship in New York; it had previously been demonstrated at Sochi.