February 4, 2017

Grandmaster Rogelio Antonio Jr.

Rogelio Antonio, Jr. Endorsement

“This is an extraordinary and wonderful game by itself, but also a superb study and training tool for traditional chess. The pieces are much stronger and far more mobile than in regular chess. With the simple but surprising changes in the rules, the whole board becomes more active. There are great new possibilities, a whole new world for thought and enjoyment. I love this game. It’s marvelous and fantastic and has my strongest endorsement. Truly amazing!


Grandmaster Rogelio Antonio, Jr.

Rogelio Antonio Jr. is a chess Grandmaster from the Philippines.  He finished third in the 2009 Asia Continental Chess Championship and became the first player in the Philippines’ history to qualify for the World Cup. He has played many times for the Philippines Olympiad team and was the National Champion of the Philippines multiple times.

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